360n Gallery

Exploring art through XR.

A creative project by Rory Jordan Van in partnership with like minded artists and creatives. Through collaboration we can achieve unique statements though art and technology.

ThreeSixty Nation is developing a gallery for like minded creative individuals wanting to share their artistic minds through AR/VR/MR (XR; extended reality).

You can take a virtual tour of the 360n Gallery on Spatial.io with your Oculus Quest, or from your computer, tablet, or mobile device!*

*Devices must be compatible with Web GL, if you device is not supported, contact us to arrange a personal guided tour!

We are building unique VR installations that can be shared internationally. Curated galleries can be customized for each individual installation, or access a centrally curated gallery from the 360n gallery by Thee Sixty Nation.

Get involved with ThreeSixty Nation

This spring/summer we are partnering with local artists in Manitoba, and across Canada to create new galleries. If you are an artists or part of an artist group that is interested in creating a unique 360 photo or video gallery, respond to our open call for artists!

The 360n Gallery launched on April 24th @ The Public Brewhouse and Gallery

If you would like to host a pop up gallery or custom event to display art with VR, contact ThreeSixty Nation to make arrangements: info@threesixtynation.space

ThreeSixty Nation is currently receiving Canadian candidates in any medium to create unique 360 phot and video galleries to be displayed at ThreeSixty Nation pop up galleries.


The 360n Gallery will be available for consignment, lease, and sale.  A fully customizable and adaptable installation for displaying VR and AR content.  The installation can provide a technology package, or include a full visual installation.  Every package includes all of the necessary information and equipment required to elevate any visual medium of your choosing.

360n is a tool that that can be used by anyone.  We aim to aid in the progress and process of VR integration into art.  We can assist in adapting any technology needs required, including building custom PC components, assisting in selecting the right VR headset for your applications, or aiding in producing complete creative and interactive experiences.

If you are interested in receiving more information as to how to partner with 360n – by ThreeSixty Nation, get in touch by contacting us at info@threesixtynation.space