360n has been accepted into Art Gate International 2022



Available online through the Art Gate platform


April 21st through 24th

Open 24/7, access at your convenience

Attend 360n @ ArtGate VR

We are pleased to announce that ThreeSixty Nation will be sharing the 360n Gallery concept at Art Gate International 2022!  We will be contributing a part of our gallery to be viewed by the multitudes of aesthetes (patrons of the arts) gearing up to attend this exciting event!  You will have the opportunity to get a sneak peak of some of the work from the artists featured in the upcoming 360n Gallery Open House.

What is Art Gate VR?

Art Gate VR is a Canadian owned and operated platform building an interactive way to experience art using Virtual Reality.  They have been consistently providing new content and pushing the boundaries in tools available for artists to share their art with their fans, and reach a wider audience.

By bringing together the online metaverse and art, both artists and patrons of the arts  can connect in real time.  As the gallery is online, it is always accessible 24/7, from anywhere you are. 

Watch this video to get an idea of what kind of experience exploring art in VR can be like!

You don’t need to own a VR headset to be able to participate in the amazing work Art Gate is doing (although if you do, you will really get to experience the gallery to it’s fullest!). Their platform can be downloaded onto your computer so you can navigate the gallery and attend the event.

All pertinent information you will need to get your spot to attend Art Gate International can be found on their website, where you can also RSVP to the event.  Or you can pick up tickets to view the gallery during our 360n Gallery Open House!