Pathfinder; Buffy Sainte Marie Virtual gallery

Pathfinder Exhibit - Virtual Tour

Urban Shaman has a virtual art tour of their Pathfinder exhibit available for viewing online! You can view the gallery curated by Natasha Desrochers Lowenthal, that features works and heritage pieces from Canadian artist Buffy Sainte Marie. Over her career, spanning more than 6 decades, Buffy’s work has made a massive impact on the landscape of arts in Canada.
Buffy’s work has encouraged and  inspired so many, including myself.  Her commitment to being true to herself and her heritage has always been a refreshing perspective to follow.  As an indigenous woman in art, she has lead many humanitarian efforts and has continuously challenged the status quo of art in business.  You don’t want to miss out this unique opportunity to get a glimpse of the Pathfinder exhibit!


“Buffy Sainte-Marie approached the digital medium as she has with every facet of her diverse career — with trailblazing ingenuity. Reflect back to 1984 — a time when the internet was almost unheard of and home computers were in their infancy — Buffy was there, building pieces of this collection within the confines of the very first versions of MacPaint on the earliest Macintosh models. The technology was nothing like the digital production resources we have today, and was used primarily as tools for marketing and graphic design rather than for creating fine art with emotional impact. Being void of prefabricated filters or options for multiple layers, the process of creating artful images required dexterity and patience. Rising above the limitations of the software, she injected as much depth of tradition and attention to detail with pixels as one would with intricate beadwork or classic oils. Meticulously blending scanned images of her wet studio paintings and in-progress drawings and sketches with those of real fibers, feathers and beads, Buffy crafted these digital tapestries with the precision and care of a natural-born storyteller. The visual and intellectual brilliance of this collection is undeniably ahead of its time.”

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Check it out the Pathfinder exhibit here:

The exhibit is available for a limited time, so be sure to check it out!